Are You Ready to Move to the Suburbs? What to Consider Before Taking the Leap

This past year, the home has become the office, the school, the restaurant, the movie theater, and even the gym. So it’s no wonder why city dwellers are yearning to leave the cramped confines of their studio apartments for more spacious and naturous homes! While suburbia can certainly seem like a “different world,” there is so much to offer. Check out the following 5 factors to see if it’s the right time for YOU to take the leap!

5 Factors to Consider Before Making the Big Move:

Your Lifestyle
When searching for the perfect suburb, it’s most important to find one that compliments YOU! Try making a list of what is most important to you and your family. Maybe it’s a great school system? Maybe it’s a sense of community? You will be most happy moving to a town that can meet these desires. Make sure to spend plenty of time in the neighborhood to get a good feel for what it offers. Take a walk through local parks, buy a pastry at the town coffee shop, or attend a local event to get more information from the residents – after all, they will be your neighbors!

How Much Space?
It’s no surprise that the city dwellers’ biggest reason to transition to suburban living
is more space! When determining how many rooms you will actually need, consider the length of time you plan to be in your new house – a 5-year stay and a forever home will have different requirements. Then ask yourself some future planning questions: Do you plan to grow your family? Will you frequently have house guests? Does spending time outdoors make you happiest? Build your imaginary blueprint around these needs.
Remember – more space could open up new opportunities for a happier and healthier quality of life! Leaving room for a home gym, an art nook, or a vegetable garden could help you reconnect with hobbies you once had, or always wanted to start!

Your Commute
While many of us have found ourselves working from home these days, it’s important to remember that the short commute to the “home office” may not last forever. If you will still be working in the city after your move, make sure to research bus and train schedules near your desired suburb. You can use Google Maps to plan out your exact commute with time for transition between modes of transportation – but it might not hurt to actually travel the commute once or twice yourself! After all, this will be a part of your daily life. When budgeting, it’s also important to consider that you may need to purchase or lease a car. You may miss the walkability of city life, but you likely won’t miss the crowded subway trains! Having the freedom and independence of a car can make your errands much more enjoyable.

Your Pocket $
Moving to a suburb can certainly be a favorable financial decision for you and your family. The cost of living in major cities like New York, Boston, and San Francisco is high, and during the pandemic may not be providing you with all that “cost” previously offered. With mortgage rates lower than ever, it’s a great time to transition to a less expensive location for more space. You may even be able to decrease your overall monthly spending!

The School Systems
If you have children or are planning to grow your family soon, one of the biggest draws of the suburbs can be the educational opportunities. Generally speaking, suburbs have higher-ranked public school systems than urban areas and can offer up a variety of safe extracurricular activities to balance academics with socialization. Ask your realtor about school rankings in your desired towns, or do some research online at
The list of best public high schools in New Jersey can be found here:

Relocating can be a big step for you and your family. Take your time, research your options, and treasure your priorities – the PERFECT home is out there for you!

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