At Home Wellness Tips!

When the months start to blur together, take a step back, re-focus and re-charge! As we stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we still need to make time for our mental and physical health. To reduce anxiety, boost your outlook, and spruce up your self-care regimen we have created a list of “At Home Wellness Tips” just for you! Let’s nourish to flourish – check it out:

1. STAY ACTIVE! Walk, Run, Pilates, Crossfit – whichever you prefer, do not lose sight of your routine! My personal favorite is an evening stroll through the beautiful downtown of one of our local towns, with a side of Playa Bowls. Antioxidants and burning calories? I am in!

2. De-clutter your space. Decluttering promotes a boost of productivity and creativity all while reducing stress and anxiety. Sign me up!

3. Call someone that brings you joy! During these challenging times, take the time to call an old friend or a family member you have not spoken to in years. Reminisce with great memories, dig out those old photos and take a trip down memory lane.

4. STAY HYDRATED! Lemon water (hot or cold) is my absolute favorite! The benefits speak for themselves – a great source of vitamin C, improves skin quality, mood optimization and memory! Is your mouth water or is it just me?

5. Light a candle, read a book, do some meditation exercises. Make time for downtime! Taking just an hour for yourself without your phone or laptop can improve your productivity, motivation, and promote sharper thinking

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