How to Optimize Your Home’s Space

How to Optimize Your Space in Every Room

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, and even if yours is small, there are plenty of ways to keep things organized.  If you are short on cabinets or don’t have a lot of counter-space, be sure to utilize your under-sink storage.  Installing pull-out cabinets or a lazy susan can also help with space and storage, and consider downsizing appliances if you find yourself not needing large ones.  If you are shopping for a kitchen table but are tight on space, opt for one that has a removable leaf that you can use only when hosting more people than usual. Lastly, try purchasing air-tight food containers that are more space-efficient than bulky food packages.  For example, the contents of a large cereal box can usually be stored in a much smaller plastic container.

how to enlarge your kitchen

There are some easy ways to make a small bedroom seem large, starting with visual tricks like setting up large mirrors and letting in lots of light.  Easy places to find more storage include under the bed (try raising the bed for bonus space) and behind bedroom or closet doors.  Door hooks can be used for coats and hats, but you can also get creative with unique designs like these storage products on Etsy.  Wall shelving can look fantastic and save a lot of space, and if you are really pressed for space fold-out furniture, including desks or beds, may be a good option. Finally, even if you have a small closet, there are several tricks to maximize its space such as utilizing skinny hangers and removing seasonal clothes.

how to make a bedroom seem bigger

Small bathrooms can feel very cramped and uncomfortable, but luckily there are many easy ways to visually enlarge a small bathroom.  Keep your medicine cabinet and under-sink storage well-organized, and if you do not have a lot of counter space be sure to keep as few items on it as possible.  If you have an old toilet, new models typically need much less space and could save at least a few inches of bathroom real estate.

tips for a small bathroom

Living Spaces
It is easy for magazines to pile up on end tables, kitchen supplies to get scattered on counters, and mudrooms to become full of stacks of shoes.  The best way to make your home feel bigger is by clearing clutter and storing away unneeded things.  If you are furnishing a small living room or den, be selective with choices.  A coffee table can be a great source of storage if you opt for one with pull-out drawers, and you can even find sofas and ottomans that offer hidden storage space.  For more ideas, try one of these 7 discreet tricks that can make your home appear bigger, including tips for wall colors, flooring, and spacing.

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