Put your doubts to rest, homeownership is worth it!

Put your doubts to rest, homeownership is worth it!  

Contrary to many peoples’ beliefs, homeownership is becoming a much wiser financial decision than renting. After seeing home values plunge during our country’s economic collapse, it’s common to think that renting is the safer and more affordable option when it comes to finding a new place to live.

       However, the current housing market conditions we’re seeing in 2013 is leaning much more towards making the move to owning your own home. The high increase of rentals that has occurred within the last few years of the market collapse has resulted in rental prices continuing to rise.

 Plus, there are countless advantages of owning in comparison to renting. Who wouldn’t want complete freedom to do what they please with their living space? Not to mention, you’re more likely to save money owning rather than throwing it away towards rent.

 With mortgage rates being as low as they are, and knowing that they are expected to increase, why wouldn’t you want to try and take advantage? I see it all of the time, many people are more eligible to buy a home than they think they are. This article I came across perfectly solidifies Why now is the time to buy a home, check it out! 

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